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Our Services
Our initial assessments can take between one and two hours, with follow up appointments that may vary depending on individual circumstances. We can be accessed either by phone, email or face to face.

Our services can be accessed through your employer by utilizing the Employment Assistance Program (EAP). Most Human Resource Departments has access to this program and can provide counselling to most employees and in some cases their partners. By either contacting your Aboriginal Employment Coordinator or ACS we can assist you with accessing our services to support you. We support the employee to overcome issues and become stronger. Our techniques are culturally sensitive and can provide a male or female counsellors if required. We are professional and maintain strict confidentiality as a part of our service standards.

We aim to provide support and advice to employers as well. We can offer Mentoring, Cultural Sensitivity / Understanding, Mediation, Policy Advice, and training tailored to your agency that could include Mental Health First Aid, Suicide Awareness, Domestic Violence Awareness, Drug & Alcohol referral and support.

ACS is working with organizations like Australia Post and AFTERCARE. We aim to satisfy and meet the needs of all clients and emphasize a commitment in achieving mutual goals. Our service standards are high and we assert quality principles and values. We are a family orientated service so we are flexible and will work in within reason to work in with, your family and or work responsibilities. Please go to the contact page to seek our assistance.

    Aboriginal Counselling Services offers the following:  
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